Not essential to the faith

‘Sup y’all!

First, Happy New Year.  Welcome 2013 and let’s hope it’s better than the outgoing even year.

This is my first post.  Woohoo . . . Now, what can I write?

Ah, I know . . . something about the strategy that I’d like to take in this blog and how I want to contribute.  I can start with myself:

I’m a man of a “certain age,” which means that I’ve had enough time on this planet to learn how to eat, sleep, walk, talk, read, shit, and fuck like most healthy, mature men.  I’m still learning and this will never end.  I hope that, at a “certain age,” this means that I’ve acquired some wisdom.

When I was younger, I remember hearing “life begins at 40” from time to time.  In my early teens, before I had regular boners and was playing Atari with some frequency (shit . . . I’m dating myself), I didn’t understand what this phrase meant.  Now that I’ve reached the 40 mark, I can say without fear of bullshitting myself that what I thought this meant, at 20, goes something like this:

For the first 20 years of your life, you’re living according to how others tell you to live.  You’re living a script.  For the next 20 years, you’re deconstructing all of the the first 20.  Then you can start living your life more fully.

Do I have scientific proof of this?  Hell no.  I’ve made shit up as I go along through life.  But, I always thought that, once one acquires enough experience, one achieves some sort of wisdom.  Now, this is the time I can share some of that wisdom.

‘Nuff for now.  It’s New Year’s Day and time for bed.  Time to play my traditional song:


One response to “‘Sup y’all!

  1. insideawomansmind January 12, 2013 at 5:48 pm

    Since I’m not part of the Manosphere, I can hardly say ‘welcome aboard’, but I can say that I’m looking forward to checking your blog. Hereby following.

    And happy new year. 🙂

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