Not essential to the faith


Ah, dear readers, I’ve been away for a while.  Lots of things were happened this summer and I needed to take some time off to rest and recuperation, which is what all of us need to do now and again so that we’re not hitting the Zoloft.  

The big thing is that my landlord was selling the house where I was residing in the basement unit, and had to find new digs.  Those of you out there that have moved before know what a shitstorm this can turn into if you’re not careful with planning.  Fortunately, I know my city and choosing a place that was attractive, cozy, and convenient wasn’t too hard.  It was more a matter of acting fast on a place that I liked before some other schmuck got it.  I nailed one and settled down,.

I have yet to get the futon, though.  Next on my list.

I’m resuming my writing on this blog now that I have a chance to breath.  I’ve also asked to become a semi-regular contributor on Price’s blog and I’ll hit up Matt Forney again.  

Stay tuned.  More to come.


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