Not essential to the faith

Return . . . again

Obviously, laziness has set in again.  No matter . . . it just comes with the territory, and I’ve been living life instead of writing about it.

This, I hope to change, now that we’re moving toward the end of the first month of 2014.

First, an update . . .

I finally settled into my new apartment around the first of October.  It was a hurried move, but one that I pulled off with some aplomb (and a few beers afterward).  I moved from one end of the city to another, to a near-burb with detached houses and not the non-nondescript and unimaginative 50s and 60s era houses that I was surrounded with.

The plus side is that I’m closer to the subway (just down the street).  Another plus is that I’m closer to retail and can walk to it if I want.  (But not in this, the aftermath of the “polar vortex” that descended on much of the US this month.)

Another plus is that it’s an area that I’m somewhat familiar with.  I used to live in the adjoining city to the north over ten years ago.  My new ‘hood hasn’t changed all that much, but there are new apartments coming in down the street.  Mixed-use, I hear.  There goes the neighborhood.

Work is about the same.  A boring job with a strong lack of intellectual stimulation.  I’ve been checked out for the better part of a year, and now I’m in waiting mode for a new opportunity elsewhere in the division.  It’s the best hope I have right now for kick-starting to something else.  The commute will be longer (via subway), but, hey, at least the new place has a great gym.

And, I’ve started some courses.  Project Management Professional cert track and, in March, something in digital marketing.  The latter is what I’m looking forward to.  

More to come.  Fortunately, I’ve been writing on forums and haven’t been completely dormant.  I just have to collect those — and my thoughts — and get back into the swing of things.


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