Not essential to the faith


Adiaphoron = “an indifferent thing”

The Stoics, those peculiar Greeks and Romans, tried to navigate through life on a middle path.  Their goal was to not have too many things in life perturb them from mental quietude.  They weren’t always successful, of course, because they, like us, were human and so dealt with human problems.  But, at least they tried not to have too much stupid shit from ruining their day.

Adiaphora are things that are outside of a moral law — things that are neither required nor forbidden.  They’re just there.  Think of inanimate objects.  To quote Hamlet, “Things are neither good nor bad, but thinking makes them so.”  Yet, this is the same guy who fiddled while Denmark burned, then acted.  So, maybe things aren’t as indifferent as we’d like them to be.

This blog is another contribution to the burgeoning Manosphere, which is where contemporary men are coming together to exchange ideas and wisdom in order to reclaim what it is to be a man in today’s world, especially the Westernized world.  I’m a product of this Westernized world and have come to the Manosphere only recently.  I’ve liked what I’ve read and wanted to make my contribution.  How long I do this remains to be seen.  Let’s give it a year.

I like to consider myself an intellectual with some rarefied interests.  I can be as highbrow and as relatively lowbrow as they come, and I’ll use both in my comments on what I certainly consider to be the raw deal that we Western guys have had in the wake of third-wave feminism and its attendant foolishness.  But, I also strike the middle path.  I don’t have all the answers, only my opinions.  Take them as you may and contribute your own.  Maybe this can turn into a palimpsest, which is what I think blogs are, for the most part.  Write and rewrite, then send it on into the collective consciousness.  Men only, please — though I welcome the ladies’ comments.


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  1. dannyfrom504 February 28, 2013 at 1:57 am

    i appreciate the linkage.

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