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Monday pessimism 15

When things are at their blackest, I say to myself, “Cheer up, things could be worse.” And sure enough, they get worse.

Robert Lynn Aspirin 


Monday pessimism 14 (two-fer)

The optimist thinks this is the best of all possible worlds. The pessimist fears it is true.
Robert Oppenheimer

Do you know what a pessimist is? A man who thinks everybody as nasty as himself, and hates them for it.
George Bernard Shaw

Monday pessimism 13

Life is a business that does not cover the costs.


Monday pessimism 12

Those of us who remember watching TV in the 70s and early 80s will remember M*A*S*H. Mostly funny, it had some poignant moments that, at the time, seemed to hit harder than the would now.

Now, the theme song, in its entirety.

Monday pessimism 11

The older I grow the more I distrust the familiar doctrine that age brings wisdom.

H. L. Mencken

Monday pessimism 10

In the modern civilization of media and fashion, an atmosphere concoction of cosmetics, pornography, consumerism, illusion, addiction, and prostitution reigns for which the baring and depiction of breasts is typical. In the commodity world, it seems that nothing functions without them anymore. Everyone speculates cynically on the addictive reflexes of others. With everything that is supposed to look lifelike and arouse desires, they are present, as the universal ornamentation to itself with laughing forms. Sexism? If only it were so simple. Advertising and pornography are special cases of modern cynicism, which knows that power must make its way through ideals and that the dreams and addictions of others can be simultaneously stimulated and frustrated in order to achieve one’s own ends. Politics is not only the art of the possible, as has been said, but just as much the art of seduction. It is the chocolate side of power that assumes first, that order must prevail and, second, that the world wants to be deceived.

Peter Sloterdijk, Critique of Cynical Reason, p. 147

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Monday pessimism 9

My mission is to kill time, and time’s to kill me in its turn. How comfortable one is among murderers.

E. M. Ciroan

Monday pessimism 8

You know how both life and porno movies end. The only difference is life starts with the orgasm.

Chuck Palahniuk

Monday pessimism 7

We all agree that pessimism is a mark of superior intellect.

John Kenneth Galbraith


Monday pessimism 6

As individuals, people are inherently good. I have a somewhat more pessimistic view of people in groups. And I remain extremely concerned when I see what’s happening in our country, which is in many ways the luckiest place in the world. We don’t seem to be excited about making our country a better place for our kids.

Steve Jobs

[I could add that it was Steve who contributed to the current state of affairs by his company’s invention of the iPhone — perhaps the single most important contributor to attention-whoring ever.]

Henry Dampier

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