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Well, at least he doesn’t seem to have the “girls” problem yet

I found this just now while putzing around for information for a job interview I have tomorrow.

I have to give the kid kudos. I think I might subscribe to his blog and YouTube channel if I remember it. So much other shit to worry about just now with reading and processing peak oil and transitional living. More to follow on that in future posts.

I do have a twinge of envy, though. This is something that I might have been inclined to do when I was his age. But, the tools didn’t exist back then, which was in the mid-80s. Gawd . . . that seems like ages ago. I also was more in the throes of hormones and being cloistered in suburbia. I didn’t start down my road to philosophy until I was around 18 or so. Three years CAN make a huge difference, with some things.

Good job, dude. Keep up the good work and make sure that you’re reading, learning, and talking with like-minded others.  This will be a long journey for you — and likely a lonely one.

Here’s his first YouTube:



The Zeitgest Movement

I really, really do love YouTube sometimes. I’ve gone from a lukewarm casual viewer when it started back in 2006 (and I really did love those Dave Chappelle and cute kitten/puppy vids), to a “this is the ONLY thing that I’m likely to watch video-wise on my computer” phase. I don’t own a TV and never will, either. If only this shit existed back 20 years ago!

Speaking of shit, the Zeitgeist Movement (TZM) is really good shit. Some of you (especially my non-American viewers) might be aware of it already, since this is the sort of thing that non-Americans would pay attention to as a matter of course.

First, read the mission statement from the homepage.

Second, watch the three films, the earliest of which is from 2007.

Next, for a counterbalance, read something from Richard Stallman.

Finally, listen to Peter Joseph’s amazing marimba version of a J.S. Bach piece that set me down the path to enjoying classical music at age 17.

I won’t spend time and energy describing TZM here. That’s what the websites and films are for. Though I do have some reservations about the movement itself, as does Stallman and other Net luminaries, I really have to give Peter Joseph credit for bringing this to the mainstream. Indeed, as the ‘sphere sets out to do in some quarters, the task before us is to adopt a new way of doing things, because the old one ain’t workin’ anymore. “Reform” is really just patching.

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