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Keep young and beautiful

In my unadulterated opinion, Annie Lennox is a talented musician. I’ve followed her off and on since the 80s when she was with Eurythmics, and really started to pay more attention to her in the early 90s, when she started going solo. Diva was her first solo album, and I wore that tape out when I bought it in the record stores.

This little number, from Diva,  I always thought kind of humorous, if not prescient:

Red Pill stuff that is, in a lighthearted way. Of course, Ms. Lennox is far past her prime, but I still highly respect her for what a friend of mine has called “essence.” He’s applied this to older women whom he believes are able to transcend their pettiness and solipsism.

Of course, I had the hots for Ms. Lennox in her Eurythmics days, with the short haircut. I once dated a woman four years older than I was many years ago who could have been a dead ringer for Lennox, but with glasses. That relationship didn’t end well.

Just remember, girls, keep young and beautiful . . . or else, bring something else to the table if you want to be loved and leave the fucking feminism at home.


Blog-shout out: Penelope Trunk

I like this blog, and have been reading it off and on for the past three years.  Though I think Ms. Trunk (not her real name) can be a bit preachy and me, me, me some of the time, she does share some good wisdom and career advice for people, mainly in their 20s, part of the storied Generation Y.  I’m not a part of this generation (I’m Gen X), but career wisdom is career wisdom. 

Many times, I’ve read her blog, agreeing, and then wishing that I’d have had the same advice when I was in my 20s and struggling and floundering to find a career that fit me.  But, blogs, in their present form (and not to mention the Net itself), didn’t exist back then.  C’est la vie.

Ms. Trunk also has the Red Pill wisdom, as evidenced in posts like “Get pregnant at 25 if you want a high-powered career” and “Blueprint for a woman’s life.”  My female readers might want to take a cue or two from this one.

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