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Information glut

Sometimes I ponder the staying “ignorance is bliss.”  

In my 20s, I thought there was some truth to this.  I preferred to shut my eyes and ears to things that some people were saying.  Fortunately, in the case of former friends and some family members, doing this helped me avoid many bullets.  Being nerdy and somewhat uninterested with girls helped.  It kept me out of the living hell that is the life of guys who are involved with these women.  But, maybe someone told them not to get involved, and they didn’t listen.

Ignorance is bliss.  Or, is it?

I wished that the Manosphere had existed about 15 years ago, when I was still in my 20s.  Though it might not have helped me when it came to women and dating, it would have helped me concerning what to do with my life and maybe even starting a business.  Then again, since I was in Korea during the 1997 crisis, and having to deal with that shit, I’m not sure how much that would have helped.  Information was scant, and all of us have had to deal with the problems of working with scant information. 

Now, we live in a society of an overabundance of information.  But, information can still be scant if you don’t know how to separate the wheat from the chaff.

It’s still no excuse not to be informed.

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