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Blog shout-out: MaverickTraveler

I’ve been a lurker of the myrid Manosphere blogs for quite a while now.  As part of my general intellectual modus operandi, I like to comment on what great (and not-so-great) folks have said about things regarding life, liberty, men, and the pursuit of happiness.  As I’m sure any writer or deep thinker knows, what he creates himself is from the depths of what someone else has thought or written.  In other words, nothing new under the sun.  For some, this comes instantaneously; for others, it might take years to marinate, then they gather enough courage and momentum to birth something not-so-new.

Anyway, one Manospherian, who’s relatively new, is Maverick Traveler.  I’ve been reading him off and on, but I like what he says.  He’s a traveler (duh — read his blog title) who has lived abroad.  So have I, but he’s one of the few who has gained enough momentum.  Maybe one day, I could join him in his quest.

Earlier today, I came across his “66 Things On Life, Men and Women, and America” post.  He says some good things, and I wanted to gloss on a few things.  Here goes.

Rejection and success are imaginary terms that were created to quantify our lives, compare it to others, make us feel insecure, and ultimately sell us something to fix that.

Don’t forget that your life at any given time is the sum of thoughts, experiences, emotions, etc., some of which you’ll never get rid of like emptying out the wastebasket.  The harshest critic is often yourself, but you learned the concepts of rejection and success from others.  The sooner you learn to live by your own benchmarks and not those of others, the happier you’ll be.  Easier said than done, in many cases, but well worth the effort.

It’s perfectly OK to be sad, lonely, and depressed.  Understanding the fact is a huge step closer to finding your inner self.

Being sad, lonely, and depressed is what makes us human.  We’re not machines.  Never forget that, even when interaction with robotic and soulless American woman.

Your biggest mistake is believing that the world works how you want it to work.

Sometimes, let go and let God (or whatever the higher being is).  Great expectations are inimical to future success.  Just ask those college graduates with worthless degress, shitty jobs, and boatloads of college loans to pay back.

There’s no true truth; for it is what we’ve been instilled by family, culture, media and state.

As Kierkegaard said, “truth is subjective.”  There is truth, but maybe not “out there.”

If you’re not happy, seek change.

But don’t seek change for change’s sake.  You’re likely to trade one set of stressors for another set of stressors, in order to escape the pain that you feel today.  Look before you leap and understand where the root causes in yourself might lie.

Of all the money I’ve spent on things, travel has the highest ROI.

For me, it’s been travel and books.  Like music’s existence, travel and books (reading) require time.  If you have little time, there might be something wrong.

I’m happier, smarter, wiser and more confident now that anytime in my past, and I’d never trade for what I know now for my younger years.

You truly is wasted on the young.

Hold a grudge against someone with a very good reason.  Let go of the simple shit.

I’d advise against holding a grudge.  Holding grudges poisons you, because the negative emotions are inside of you and, ultimately, directed towards you.  Better to forgive, but not forget.

Stay true to the bro code.  A good friendship with a guy is much more important than a random fuck with his chick.

And this, I believe, is one of the most challenging things for modern guys to find, especially as they grow older and become more socially isolated.

“A man truly matures around the age of 40,” Eastern/Central European proverb.

Refer to my first post about deconstructing the first 20 years of your life, then building the next 20.  20 + 20 = 40.  Welcome to maturity.

A typical conversation with an American(ized) girl is 50% sarcasm, 50% teasing, 0% authenticity, avoiding silent pauses like the plague.  A typical conversation with a non-American girl is 20% verbal seduction, 80% non-verbal seduction, treasuring silent pauses like gold.

Caveat: if the American(ized) girl is expecting you to be the conversation-starter, -carrier, and the performing monkey, silences are golden for her.  The more work you do to try to get her to talk, the less of a prospect she is.

Pickup was invented in USA to counteract the evolution of a new species of women who no longer go by their emotions, but instead follow what the media tells them to do.

Countermeasures to the ongoing arms race, in other words.

A man settles down when he finds a suitable mother for his children, and when he begins to focus on the accumulation of wealth and assets instead of accumulation of notches.

Truly problematic for men, like men, who are childless, who never had the strong desire to see his seed sprout, and raise his progeny.  On the other hand, leaving a legacy in other ways is quite doable.  The man has to find out what this is, if he doesn’t desire children.  His woman will just be icing on the cake as he builds wealth and assets.

America is the best place in the world to learn how to make money from nothing.  Once you have money and/or skills to make it, leave and never look back.

That could take a lifetime.  Better to work and see what is available in your immediate world.

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