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Manosphere Movie: Pink Floyd’s The Wall

Cover of "Pink Floyd The Wall"

The Wall evokes mixed feelings in people, it seems. I remember when the movie came out in 1982, but I was too young to care to see it. And my parents would have prevented me from seeing it, since they took R ratings seriously back then and followed up on their threats to keep me from seeing thing that would have “corrupted” me. Probably a good thing, too, as I wouldn’t have understood it anyway.

Oh, but I certainly heard “Another Brick in the Wall” and “Run Like Hell” enough on the radio in the ensuing years!

The first time I heard someone talk about The Wall was in 1989. My first year of college, and the guy told me that The Wall only made sense when you were stoned. Uh-huh. Interesting point. Then, in the mid-90s, the woman I was dating at the time told me that she and her one college boyfriend used to see it from time to time because it was a bonding experience for them. Not quite sure why, but it’s not hard to see how youthful confusion leads to finding some form of popular culture to latch on to, to fill out the gaps in one’s life with prefabricated meaning. Both descriptions left me a bit confused about what the hell The Wall was about. But, it wasn’t until 1997 when I saw it for the first time on video.

I’ve even met some who shudder when I mention The Wall because it brings up painful and disturbing memories of times when they were, say, into drugs, or who knew people who offed themselves from listening to it. (And then I wondered why Dark Side of the Moon and Animals, which are more pointed in discussing existential issues, didn’t evoke the same reactions.)

When I saw it, I remember thinking, “Ah . . . the story of a guy who was badly in need of some psychotherapy.” Now, in the context of the ‘sphere, I think, “Ah . . . the story of a guy who was badly in need of some male guidance.”

As with any text or media form, there’s always interpretation. You come away with your own thoughts and feelings about what you read or heard or saw, and this will differ from person to person. When I saw The Wall, it seemed rather straightforward. Later on, I came upon a very good interpretation online.

In future posts, I’ll be taking each song of The Wall and applying my own thoughts about the song and how each can be applied to the Manosphere. Should be fun.

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